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Sammying Setting Out Machine

The Sammying and Setting Out Machine is fast and equipped by the last technology,new model for sheep and goat skins.Sammys the excees water out of wet blue or drums dyed woollen skins and stretched the skins.In this way,dyring time is shortened.It also sammys and sets out the skin,only from drum dyed for napa.Mechanical constructivist features; extreme ruggedness,simplicity of construction,adjustment and reliability.Drying pressure can be adjusted by means of springs or hydraulic cylinders.Drying pressure is a adjustable from 0 to 15 tons by a simple device placed on the machine so leathers won’t be damaged during opening and closing of the machine.All parts which are contact with water are protected with chrome plates.

In addition to it requires very little maintenance is very efficient machine


Working Width 1600mm
Main Motor Power 11 kw
Hydraulic Motor Power 7,5 kw
Total Installed Power 18,5 kw
Net Weight 2750kg
Dimensions(W*L*H) 1220*3360*1600mm
Leather Extraction Speed 10-44m/min


Sammying Setting Out Machine