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Sammying Machine

TheSammying Machine which is belongsheepandgoat is fastandequippedbythelasttechnology, new model forsheepandgoatskins

Themachineprovides time andlaborefficiency as well as increaseslevel of quality. Ithelpssammyingeverypart of hidefromnecktotail in a verydesiredwaypriortoshavingprocessand in takingoutchromiumwaterout of theskins at desiredlevel

Mechanicalconstructivistfeatures; extremeruggednedd, simplicity of construction, adjustmentandreliability. Dryingpressure can be adjustedbymeans of springsorhydrauliccylinders.
dryingpressure is a adjustablefrom 0 to 15 tonsby a simpledeviceplaced on theleftside of themachine. There is breakingsystem on themachinesoleatherswon’t be damagedduringopeningandclosing of themachine.

Inadditionto it requiresverylittlemantenance is veryefficientmachine.


WorkingWidth 1600 mm 1800mm
Cylinder Motor 11 kw 18 kw
HydraulicPump Motor 7,5 kw 7,5 kw
Total InstalledPower 18,5 kw 25,5 kw
Net Weight 3700 kgs 4000 kgs
Dimensions (L*W*H) 3400x1224x1555mm 3600x1224x1555mm