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Our professional team is available to support you in the choice of the most suitable machines for each type of product, to satisfy your highest requirements.


Over 35 years of experience have enabled Vardar Leather Machines to offer reliable, high-performance, technologically advanced machines

Quality Policy

We are as Vardar Leather Machines, In order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, we do not compromise on the quality of products and services under any circumstances by adhering to the quality management requirements and continuously improving ourselves.

How Do We Recondıtıon A Machıne?

We are as Vardar Tannery Machines, while start reconditioning of any machine, the first step is to demount all parts of the machine one by one. Than the parts and spares which out of use changed with new one, later mounted on machine again with high care. During this process we also add new lubrication systems to give machine possibility for a longer use without any problem. At the end of recondition the perpermance of machines upgraded like brand new machines. Both their appearance and performance the same as brand new ones.


Once our operations are completed, your maintenance needs are eliminated in a shorter time.

Long Life Use

All of our operations during revision provide long lasting performance.

New Technology

All parts used in revision processes are new technology products

High Performance

After the revision process your machines work with high performance.


Solution Oriented

Completed Project



Happy Customer